Holiness Chapel Church Of God In Christ




Pastor and First Lady

March 10, 1990 Pastor and Sister Allison were united in Holy Matrimony by Superintendent (now Bishop) Leo C. Brown, Jr. and the late Dr. A.J. Miller, Sr. In June 1996, Pastor Allison was blessed to retire from the U.S Army after 20 years of service and a request was made that he serve in District #10 with the late Supt. Nathaniel Kinlow, Sr. In January 2006, Pastor Allison was appointed as Assistant Superintendent of District #10. In April 2007, after the passing of Supt. Kinlow, Pastor Allison was appointed as Superintendent of District #10. In 2015, District #10 was renamed the Pentecostal District. In June, 2015 Superintendent Allison was appointed as a Senior Administrative Assistant and Chairman of the Board of Superiintendent's of the Washington State Jurisdiction.

First Lady Kelley Allison received her Deaconness Missionary License in 2007. Pastor and First Lady have 3 beautiful daughters, Olivia, Kiva and Raychel.